Top Things to Do in Inle

The night busses are ruthless and i mean it. First of all the Aircon is set to siberia minus 5 degrees and the blanket is barely thicker than a tissue paper. So the first ordeal is to get through the winter inside, then prepare to wake up at a wee 4 am to pay something called city tax. By 5 I was in nyaungshwe, the city just outside inle. It was freezing, fortunately the hostel was barely 400 metres from the stop, so i decided to walk it. Lugging my backpack and almost bitten by two really angry dogs that calmed down after I stood ground and shushed them, the rising sun lit up ostello bello, my hostel. 

The good part, they have beds on the rooftop for people to crash on who arrive early. Since my checkin was at 2, I slept for sometime and recovered from the cold.

Cigar making in inle, myanmar
Cigar Making

How many days do I spend

Despite being the most touristy, I would recommend not less than 3 days.

Indein village in inle, myanmar
Pagodas in Indein Village


Ostello Bello. Amazing hostel

Getting here

many prefer to trek from Kalaw but I chose to take the night bus from Bagan which took about 6 hours and costed 18k kyats.

A man on a boat in Inle, Myanmar

Top things to do/see in Inle:

  • The lake of course
  • Cycle to the pagoda
  • Shop in the market
  • Day trip to the village
  • The handicraft making parts
Pupper making in Inle, myanmar
Puppet Maker

Eat: plenty of

Shop: things will be expensive here compared to other places. So I’d suggest you skip

The good: Ideal place to unwind

The bad: very touristy

The ugly: none

Tout level: 0. People don’t care, too nice to cheat

Language: English is well understood

Internal Transport: hire a cycle within the city for 1.5k a day. Outside, get a boat.

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