Mingalaba Yangon!

pagoda yangon myanmar rangoon

‘See less, crib less’. Most travelers I came across didn’t have much to recommend Yangon for and on the contrary tried to down sell it. Don’t fall for it, the city is all about the streets. From boiled corn, veg filled dosai, oil-dripping egg fries to remnants of Britain, Rangoon can be a leisurely adventure for the non-checklist-traveler. And oh, mingalaba means hello in Burmese, something you will hear a million times a day, get used to saying it, sing it.

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Why Myanmar

Indein Village near Inle Lake, Myanmar

‘Don’t you ever find a nice country to go to’ is the standard response when i tell my mom about the next country i plan to visit. I have never received the meaning of nice, nor have i bothered finding it. It so happens that i am traveling just when the country is in the news for all the wrong reasons. Especially if the wrong reason comprises words like genocide…anyway that’s a matter apart.

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