Mandalay Calling

a bullock cart in front of a white pagoda in mingun myanmar

How I got to Mandalay is an interesting story which I’ll narrate later; in short, I hitchhiked in a car whose driver chugged two bottles of beer on the way and drove like my departure was on his day’s to-do list. To be fair, the kind soul dropped me right at the hostel’s doorstep and even waited till I checked in. Free rides come with their own T&Cs.

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Why Myanmar

Indein Village near Inle Lake, Myanmar

‘Don’t you ever find a nice country to go to’ is the standard response when i tell my mom about the next country i plan to visit. I have never received the meaning of nice, nor have i bothered finding it. It so happens that i am traveling just when the country is in the news for all the wrong reasons. Especially if the wrong reason comprises words like genocide…anyway that’s a matter apart.

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