The Red Gem – Abyaneh

The decision on where to go next was made while handing over a 50 rupee note during check out when the receptionist asked if i had any indian currency (they had a large pin up of notes from across the world). Rewind…I woke up supremely confused whether to chill during the day and leave for Maranjab caravanserai to spend the night under the stars or head to Abyaneh, one of the most important on my list of to-dos and proceed to Isfahan.

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Lost in Tehran

Karim Khani Nook, Golestan Palace

The day began with one of the hosts, Jalal apologizing for Nadir Shah’s invasion of India in the 18th century. I forgave him on behalf of the Mughals saying he was only 200+ years late, which was accepted with a rather noisy laughter

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