Tatev monastery in armenia

A Basic Guide to Armenia – The Land of Apricots

Just to set the context – this is a country where the cops gave me a ride, and not to a prison! There, that’s how lovely the people are and has been my best experience at hitchhiking so far. Well besides that, monasteries, abundant peaches/apricots, vodka made out of peaches/apricots, pomegranate wine, delicious food and so on. That’s Armenia in a nutshell. Most people make the mistake of spending not more than 5-6 days but this is a country to soak in and experience, not just visit. So my 2 week absence from work to a country that people would find hard to plot on the map is my next big recommendation!

Things to do in Armenia

  • Khor Virap monastery in the Ararat plains
  • Tatev monastery
  • Stay in Dilijan
  • Pomegranate wine
  • A show at Yerevan opera


For 15 days

Flights: USD 500 (INR 35000) from Bombay

Visa: USD 10 (INR 700)

Sightseeing, stay, food, etc: USD 365 (INR 24,000)

Total: INR 58,500 (¬ USD 900)


On arrival guys! One of the few luxuries an indian passport gets. So get it while it lasts. Costs only 10 dollars. But hey, my irrational fear of being deported had me get an evisa in advance just in case. you can apply it here: https://evisa.mfa.am

So I skipped the line. Oh and did I tell you they went through every page of my passport and kept looking up at my face several times! I had a smile throughout


Pretty good connections from all over thanks to middle east carriers. I flew Air Arabia.


Hostels are quite inexpensive, an average bed night at a quality hostel would cost about 4-6 USD with breakfast. I parked myself in the following places:

  • Yerevan: 4 days – welcome friends hostel
  • Dilijan: 3 days – gokor bnb
  • Alaverdi: 2 days – guesthouse in alaverdi
  • Yeghegnadzor: 1 day – spandaryan hostel
  • Goris: 4 days – lovely goris bnb


Take euros or dollars. You can change to drams in supermarkets. I paid in dollar from the airport to my hostel but yeah you need drams. The rates are pretty good across

Ideal duration

About 8-10 days is ideal to cover the important sites. I spent 15 though


Like most other caucasian countries, a mix of cuisine from the area. Veg can be a bit tough to come by but go for the soups if you are too strict. They have rice, potatoes in them and can be a good filling meal


Russian and Armenian are the most commonly spoken. English is restricted to Yerevan.

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