Shiraz, a glimpse


All the money i saved for shopping will now vanish into thin air – Shiraz it is baby! Well, there’s more, the reason i came to iran for, Naqsh-e-rustam, also brings me here.

The bus stop it was and we arrived by 1045, there are a lot of bus companies, you may want to walk around checking the bus timings. Celine left soon after we reached and I had to hang around for over 1.5 hours for my bus for which I paid IRR 230K (USD 7). After loitering around and snacking on chips, the bus took off and the ride was comfortable as usual with just 2 stops (1 for namaz and the other for refuelling). 6.5 hours into the ride and we arrived in Shiraz by 730. Got a taxi for 50K to Niayesh Boutique hotel and traffic was rather heavy in the evenings. I arrived without any reservation and they had ample supply (at least the dorms). Checked in, dorms were very clean with a safebox and a good bathroom, each room had 6 beds.
niayesh boutique hotel


My first stop was the Shah Charagh shrine about 5 mins by walk, one of the most important pilgrimage centres in Iran. The security is pretty tight, bags have to be left outside and you would be frisked on the way in (not me). My country and religion were asked by the guard who confirmed it with another person and they let me in with a big smile. The area is huge and houses 4 buildings, one of which is the mausoleum of the brothers Ahmad and Muhammad, who were the brothers of Imam Reza, a descendant of Prophet Muhammad.
There were a great number of people who visited the place and it was quite lively in the evenings just to hang around. The primary building housing one of the tombs overlooks a big square with smaller mausoleums in each direction. I hung around for a bit and left taking a wrong route that led to an Imamzadeh mosque, which I didnt bother entering.
an imamzadeh mosque outside my hotel


Making my way back to the hostel, 2 travelers I had met in Esfahan, Chris and Pauline from the Netherlands gave my company for dinner. Conversations ensued, notes were exchanged, sleep arrived.
Stay: Niayesh Boutique Hotel
Price: 10 USD / night
Type: Dorm
Places Visited:
Shah Chiragh Mosque: Free

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